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Apply for a lump sum for people with disabilities

You can apply for a disability allowance for costs due to a disability. Continue

Apply for integration assistance for adults with disabilities and for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities

Do you have a disability or are you threatened by a disability? Or are you looking after a child or a person with disabilities? The diverse services of integration assistance are intended to help enable participation in all areas of social life. Continue

Integration assistance - find facility

Senate Coordinator for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities

The task of the Senate Coordinator for Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities is to act as an intermediary between citizens and the administration from an independent position. He is the contact person for disabled people and their ... Continue

Euro key for people with disabilities

If you, as a severely disabled person, are dependent on the use of handicapped-accessible toilets, you can purchase the euro key. All toilets for the disabled marked with the wheelchair symbol, also at motorway rest areas, rest stops and petrol ... Continue

Apply for an exception to the fishing license for people with disabilities

If you are unable to take a fishing license test due to a disability, you can apply for an exemption from the fishing license requirement. Continue

Benefits for medical rehabilitation according to SGB IX Approval to ward off disabilities and chronic diseases

people with disabilities and people at risk of becoming disabled right to medical rehabilitation. Continue

Apply for a disability pass

If you have been diagnosed with a degree of disability of at least 50, you can apply for a severely disabled person's ID card to be issued. Even if your severely disabled ID card expires or you have lost it, you can apply for a new one. Continue

severely disabled application

Apply for approval to dismiss severely disabled people

If you want to give notice to a severely disabled person or a disabled person of equal status, you must apply for a declaration of admissibility or permission to give notice of termination before giving notice of termination. Continue

Application for approval of the intended dismissal of severely disabled people or people of equal status

Motor vehicle tax Hamburg - tax breaks for severely disabled people

For vehicles that are registered for severely disabled people, the Motor Vehicle Tax Act provides tax breaks in the form of a full tax exemption or a tax reduction of 50 percent. The type of tax relief is determined by the characteristics that are ... Continue

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