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Apply for a disability pass

If you have been diagnosed with a degree of disability of at least 50, you can apply for a severely disabled person's ID card to be issued. Even if your severely disabled ID card expires or you have lost it, you can apply for a new one. Continue

severely disabled application

Traffic signs, arrangement of assembly and dismantling

The erection and dismantling of traffic signs and traffic facilities (including in the case of a temporary no-stop zone when moving or building work) is ordered by the road traffic authority. In Hamburg, this is the locally responsible police or ... Continue

Apply for a disability assessment

If you are affected by a disability, you can apply for a disability assessment under certain conditions. The degree of disability is also determined at the same time. Continue

severely disabled application

Provide wheelchair-accessible living space

Providing wheelchair-accessible living space for the entire city area to households that rely on a wheelchair-accessible apartment. Continue

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