Advice and health assistance for the mentally ill as well as for mentally, emotionally and multiply handicapped children and adolescents


Important notes


No prerequisites are required.

Documents required

Medical records (if available).

Please note

Advice and diagnostics are free and voluntary. Consultation is possible without a referral from a doctor.

The adolescent psychiatric service provides information on:

  • Developmental disorders,
  • mental problems,
  • Behavioral problems,
  • threatening or manifest mental, emotional and multiple disabilities in childhood and adolescence,
  • mental and psychosomatic illnesses.

In addition, the youth psychiatric service supports and advises children and adolescents in acute psychological crises. The adolescent psychiatric service also works closely with maternal counseling centers and other counseling centers.

In acute child and adolescent psychiatric emergencies, please contact the local police station outside of opening hours or the child and adolescent psychiatric department of the Asklepios Hospital Harburg (department child and adolescent psychiatry) or the University Clinic Eppendorf directly.

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

8-12 weeks.


There are no fees.

Legal notes

Legal basis

Social Code XII, e.g.

§ 53-55 SGB XII

Social Code VIII, e.g.

Out-of-home help §§ 30, 33, 34, 35 SGB VIII

Help of legal age § 41 SGB VIII

Assistance for parents with children § 19 SGB VIII

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