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End assistance

Have you applied for assistance for your child and no longer need it? Then you can end your support at the local youth welfare office. Continue

Permanent separation of spouses and life partners leads to a change in the tax class

If you live permanently separated from your spouse/partner, the family-friendly tax class combination (III/V; IV/IV; IV/IV with factor) can no longer be taken into account in the year after the separation. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Recognition of Foreign Divorces

According to the custom of international law, a divorce is initially only effective in the state in which it was carried out. If the marriage is also to be effectively resolved for the German legal area, the formal recognition of the foreign divorce ... Continue

Applying for an identity card because of a name change after a divorce

Did you get divorced and then changed your family name? Then you need to apply for a new identity card if you do not have a valid passport document with the new name. Continue

Application status ID / passport Make an appointment online, locations Hamburg Service

Get parenting and family counseling

Difficult situations can arise in all families living together or for each individual. It can be helpful if you seek support and advice from educational and family counseling centers. Continue

Name declarations

Name declarations are made if, for example, after the dissolution of a marriage, naturalization or due to marriage, the surname of a 'patchwork' family changes (name at birth, previous married name, common surname). A double name from maiden name, ... Continue

Divorce petition decision

In order to end your existing marriage, you must apply for divorce in the family court. You must be represented by a lawyer. There is no legal requirement to approve the divorce petition. The family court pronounces the divorce, provided that the ... Continue

take back birth names

Have you got divorced or ended your civil partnership and want to change your name? If your birth name or the name you used before marriage or civil partnership was not a surname (married name or civil partnership name), you have the following ... Continue

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