Transport ITS Projects in Hamburg

Various ITS projects make Hamburg an exemplary city for urban mobility and logistics solutions.

ITS Projects in Hamburg, Germany

ITS Projects in Hamburg

ITS-Projects in Hamburg are diverse – many different players from administration, economy and research strive to turn Hamburg into an exemplary city for urban mobility and logistics solutions. The following projects are currently being implemented:


Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation

HEAT is the HOCHBAHN-led research and development project for autonomous driving consisting of a 3.9 kilometre-long route through HafenCity. Look for its electric minibuses or download the app from the App Store or Google Play the to book a ride or yourself.   


Test Course for Automatic and Interconnected Driving

This test route for this provider-independent and user-inclusive project in Hamburg's inner city includes 37 traffic lights for infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (V2I).


Smartphone-Based Ticketing

Commissioned by the HVV traffic network, HOCHBAHN, S-Bahn, DB Regio, Metronom, VHH and KVG Stade, the Check-In/Be-Out pilot project is working towards the realisation of smartphone-based ticketing with automatic fare calculation for the HVV.


Mobility Platform

This unique mobility platform provided by Hamburg’s HOCHBAHN AG offers commuters the ability to switch easily from trains to taxis and car- and bike-shares. The range of this programme is expanding constantly.

Traffic Light Forecast Services 

Green Light Displays 

For the pilot project 'Traffic Light Forecast', the State Office for Streets, Bridges and Waters (LSBG) and cooperating partners Swarco Traffic Systems, HERE and Audi have completed a successful test run of high-quality traffic light forecast services. More than 1000 traffic lights throughout the city are to be equipped with these light forecasts.

Intelligent Parking

Parking Space Management

With this project, the State Office for Transport strives to improve traffic control and the management of available parking space through the means of real-time information in parking space utilization. For users, this means time saved and increased comfort, as well as a reduction in traffic related to for parking spaces searches.

ITS Data

Urban Platform Hamburg

The State Office for Geoinformation and Survey aims to monitor current infrastructural requirements towards the integration and standardised provision of ITS data.

On-Demand Shuttles

Carpooling Services

As of July 2018, ioki and VHH are conducting test runs in the districts of Osdorf and Lurup. And as of 2019, MOIA has started its Hamburg-wide pooling service.


Coordination of Construction Sites

In cooperation with Workplace Solutions, the State Office for Streets, Bridges and Waters (LSBG) is creating software that enables agile coordination of Hamburg’s 30,000 construction site projects through, for example, a multi touch table. The idea has gained the German Engineering Award for Roads and Traffic in the category Innovation.

Smart Locker

Service for Commuters

This project creates smart pick-up options for online orders, making it easy for users to pick up their merchandise from lockers across the city.

ITS Hackathons

Software Development Competition

More than 200 participants joined three hackathons dedicated to questions of mobility. Software designers had 24 or 48 hours to develop ideas and apps. The best concepts were awarded by organisers nextReality, HOCHBAHN AG, Deutsche Bahn and Logistik-Initiative Hamburg.

Automatic Traffic Volume Assessment

Infrared Cameras on Traffic Lights

Real-time data generated by infrared cameras installed on traffic lights help with automatic assessment of traffic density. Faster and more effective traffic strategies can be developed through this Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen GmbH-led project ― without the sharing of personal data.

KM1 TS Prinz ITS Projects

KM1 Con Prinz Mini ITS Projects

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