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Autonomous driving, intelligent infrastructure and innovative urban mobility concepts – the ITS World Congress presented the latest trends in transport, logistics and digitisation.

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All about intelligent transport systems and services - ITS World Congress 2021

Experience Future Mobility

The ITS World Congress took place in Hamburg from 11–15 October 2021. The ITS World Congress is the world's largest leading event on intelligent transport systems and services. With more than 400 exhibitors and live demonstrations, the congress is an important meeting point for the mobility, logistics and digitisation industries. With the motto ‘Experience Future Mobility Now’, the event aims to make the mobility of tomorrow tangible.

ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems and Services

Standing for intelligent transport systems and services, ITS encompasses all intelligent traffic systems and applications that make traffic safer, more sustainable and more efficient through the use of the latest IT technology. This includes, for example, driver assistance systems, car-to-car communication (Car2Car), car-infrastructure communication (Car2X), mobility as a service (MaaS), smartphone information and payment systems for public transport and digital solutions for the port and logistics sector. 

Dispensing with one's own vehicle and using shuttle services, car sharing, bike sharing or public transport instead as 'mobility as a service' (MaaS) is also part of ITS as are information and payment systems that can be accessed via smartphone for public transport, for example.

Experience the World's Innovations in Hamburg

The 28th ITS World Congress took place in the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) as well as at designated test and demonstration areas throughout the city. Experts from the fields of mobility, logistics, digitisation, innovation and sustainability presented and discussed the latest trends, technologies and solutions on the following key topics at the congress: 

  • Automated, cooperative and networked mobility 
  • Mobility services (Mobility-as-a-Service and Mobility-on-demand) 
  • Digital port and logistics solutions 
  • Intelligent infrastructure 
  • New services from new technologies 
  • Sustainable solutions for cities and citizens

The ITS World Congress endeavours to make innovative mobility concepts of the future tangible to the people of the Hamburg metropolitan region, especially on the free Public Day which took place in Hamburg on 14 October, 2021. Hamburg sees itself as a model city and living laboratory for intelligent traffic and logistics. Numerous innovative projects and test tracks, such as autonomous and networked driving, sustainable sharing and pooling solutions and smart logistics solutions will shape the urban mobility of tomorrow. In this way, Hamburg and the World Congress made innovative mobility solutions tangible not only for the specialist audiences, but also for the general public.

For more information on the ITS World Congress 2021, see here.

ITS World Congress 2021

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ITS World Congress

11 - 15 October 2021

ITS Public Day

14 October 2021

ITS World Congress 2021 Explained