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Picking up speed: ioki app-based ride-shares are becoming more and more popular.

ioki Hamburg on demand

Ioki: App-based ride-shares for Hamburg

After launching the on-demand shuttle service ioki in the neighborhoods of Osdorf and Lurup a few months ago, this building block of future mobility in Hamburg is picking up speed.  

Since July 2018, the ioki service has been used by a mere 180,000 people. But now the service ― whose main purposes are to complement existing bus routes and to facilitate easier commutes from public transport stations to about 1000 resident businesses ― is expanding to the industrial neighbourhood of Billbrook.

Deeper integration into the HVV traffic service

In the coming months, ioki will be more deeply integrated into the HVV. As a next step, the app will show public transport connections from the current location. It is part of a grand scheme to change mobility habits. Other elements of this plan include the ability to use the ioki shuttle service in place of cars. Ideally, the average number of passengers per vehicle will be increased, thus reducing traffic.

Fully integrated into the HVV public transport system,the ioki shuttle programme is a means of public transportation without fixed schedules or routes. Passengers who share the same route are brought together through the app, perfectly supplementing existing train and bus routes.


Ioki: App-based ride-shares for Hamburg

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