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Germany's only music film festival culminates in the Music Film Contest at the Reeperbahn Festival.​​​​​​

Michel Houellebecq & Iggy pop / To stay alive: A method

UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival Hamburg

Over five consecutive days, UNERHÖRT! music film festival screens two dozen current music documentaries. As part of Reeperbahn Festival, the best works are awarded the Reeperbahn Festival Music Film award. Ticket holders for Reeperbahn Festival can make up their own minds: they gain free entry to all screenings at the three participating cinemas. 

Stars and Newcomers

Featured films all have one thing in common: a backstage pass to the most fascinating international music artists. Their range is described perfectly by the two meanings of the German word unerhört: 'outrageous' and, with a bit of imagination, 'unheard of'. On the one hand, there are the movies about international rock legends who cause a stir wherever they go. On the other hand, audiences will be exposed to underground artists that have yet to be discovered by European audiophiles.

Note: The 2020 programme will be a bit limited compared to other years, with only around a dozen films being screened. However, a digital programme is being planned as well, with more information forthcoming.

11-15 November, 2020

B-Movie, 3001 Cinemas

For more information, please visit the official UNERHÖRT! website.



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