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Simultaneously with FilmFest Hamburg, the best international youth and children's films are awarded by a jury of young experts.​​​​​​​

MICHEL Filmfest

MICHEL Children's and Youth Filmfest

While international actors, directors and cinema enthusiasts flock to the prestigious FilmFest Hamburg, the city's youngest film lovers can enjoy the latest in kids' and teen cinema at the MICHEL Children's and Youth FilmFest. Kids aged 4 to 16 are invited to watch films from various countries and genres screened in the original language - varying from German, English, French and Swedish to Malayalam, among others. Non-German films are live-translated into German by a professional interpreter. Young presenters introduce the films, actors and directors, and take questions from the audience afterwards. At the end of the festival, a jury of seven kids awards the best entry with the desired MICHEL Film Award.

27 Sept - 5 Oct, 2019

Abaton, Metropolis

To see the full programme, please visit the official website of MICHEL Children's and Youth Filmfest.

Michel Film Fest



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