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During this celebration of the short film, 14,000 visitors are treated to over 400 films in international and national competitions.

International Short Film Festival Open Air in Hamburg, Germany

International Short Film Festival Hamburg

The magic of short film lies in its capacity to act as a sort of 'cinematographic laboratory': it provides filmmakers the perfect opportunity to experiment with narrative and aesthetics on a shoestring budget. At the Hamburg International Short Film Festival, international producers and audiences come together to marvel at the latest releases in the world of short film. Around 14,000 visitors attend annually to view the more than 400 films that compete in categories such as the International and German competitions, the experimental 'Deframed' competition, and the Three Minute Quickie competition.

Simultaneously, the Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival screens international short films for children and youth.

4-9 June, 2024

3001 Kino, B-Movie, Filmraum, Lichtmess, Metropolis and Zeise Kino

For more information, please visit the official Hamburg International Short Film Festival website.

International Short Film Festival

International Short Film Festival