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Sauerkraut, currywurst, roasted almonds, and the famous fried dough Schmalzkuchen. Eat your way through the Hamburg DOM fun fair!​​​​​​​

Schmalzkuchen at Hamburg DOM

Hamburg DOM - Eat the DOM!

Hamburg DOM is as much about rides and attractions as it is about culinary delights. All the food at Hamburg DOM is freshly prepared, prices are fair, and there is almost an endless menu of tasty snacks, sweets and hearty meals.

Around 60 stalls at DOM serve all kinds of dishes, from the famous Currywurst sausages and freshly-grilled steaks to traditional Hamburg herring sandwiches and even corn on the cob. About 40 more stands offer all the sweets that you can imagine, like cotton candy, liquorice, and roasted almonds. And if you still can’t get enough of the sweet stuff, around 16 bakeries sell traditional Hamburg pastries. The DOM fun fair simply wouldn’t be the same without the popular Schmalzkuchen, bite-sized doughnuts that are served hot with powdered sugar or chocolate sauce. And last but not least, more than a dozen drink stands are sure to quench your thirst with beer, coffee, cola and even slushies.   

Additionally, each DOM includes a themed fairground at its centre, with refreshments to match. A popular theme that returns from time to time is the witches' village, where visitors can browse themed market stalls, participate in witch-y and medieval activities, and of course indulge in some delicious meals, snacks and drinks. A jug of mead, anyone?

With all these delicious treats within reach, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: Stay away from the roller coasters for a bit ― your stomach will thank you! 

Eat the DOM


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Eat the DOM