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DOM novelties and attractions, funfair atmosphere, traditional sweets and snacks – there's much to discover at Winter DOM 2023!

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Winterdom Celebrates 130 Years at Heiligengeistfeld

Winter DOM 2023 will take place from 10 November to 10 December! On Friday, 10 November, Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, will open the 693rd Winter DOM at 3 p.m. in front of the Alpen Coaster rollercoaster. As part of the festivities, there will be a raffle for vouchers, DOM teddy bears and delicious goodies.

The 693rd Hamburg Winter DOM is not only the most traditional DOM event of the year - it's also the most atmospheric. The largest festival in the north originated in the 11th century in what was then St Mary's Cathedral. Until its demolition in 1804, the church was home to traders, jugglers and showmen. After that, the entertainers travelled through Hamburg's districts without a fixed location until the Heiligengeistfeld was assigned to them as a permanent venue in 1893.

'The city of Hamburg is celebrating an anniversary this year together with the Hamburg DOM. For 130 years, the Heiligengeistfeld has been a permanent venue for the popular folk festival in the north. A landmark in the heart of the Hanseatic city with appeal beyond the state borders,' explained Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Economics and Innovation.

QR Code Journey and Video Projection at the Bunker

Visitors to Heiligengeistfeld can experience the anniversary firsthand: QR codes along the DOM Mile will allow visitors to digitally discover what Heiligengeistfeld looked like throughout its history. This allows visitors to take a journey through the 130-year life of the Hamburg DOM during their visit.

The anniversary will be rounded off with a spectacular video and light installation on the west side of the Feldstraßenbunker from 10 - 12 November at 5 p.m. until the end of the event.


DOM News & Attractions: Air Power and Ghost Rider

Among the more than 50 rides and attractions, two spectacular newcomers are making their debut in the Hanseatic city: The XXL pendulum swing Air Power is still almost brand new, having only celebrated its premiere in August.

This swing doesn't go left and right like you might expect, but flies front to back 21 metres above the heads of visitors. This means that the ride brings thrilling moments to spectators as well as riders.

The fast-paced Ghost Rider ride is just as action-packed as the film that is its namesake. The ride has lots in comming with a break dancer, but the free-swinging gondolas roll over sideways with centrifugal forces of up to 4g. A special thrill: when the gondolas stop overhead and race across the board for seconds at up to 100 km/h close to the ground!

Family Day Events

Winter DOM 2023 boasts three additional events for families with different focuses: 'Winter DOM is all about family days. The special thing about it: One event will take place on each of the three Family Days. DOM visitors can look forward to a spooky parade, a lights and lantern walk, and a St. Nicholas event with a wheel of fortune,' explained Sascha Belli, First Chairman of the Hamburg State Association of Ambulant Trades and Showmen.

'On the day of the spooky parade, there will also be scary face painting for children and a big raffle. The prizes include voucher booklets and the chance to be a live scare artist on one of the ghost trains. One week later, the first lights and lantern walk takes place. The DOM circuit is accompanied by imaginative illuminated figures. Children can also take part without their own lantern: The first 150 participants receive a lantern as a gift. On the last family day, St. Nicholas comes and brings the DOM wheel of fortune. There are voucher booklets, DOM teddies, ride tokens, and sweets to be won,' Belli continued.

Spooky Parade on 15 November

Location: Feldstraße, ausgeschildert
Face painting: 2:45 - 4.45 p.m., children up to 12 years old
Parade Start: 5 p.m., duration approx. 1 hour
Raffle: start time approx. 6:30 p.m.

Winter DOM extends the Halloween season with a spooky parade and big raffle on 15 November. With zombies and horror clowns, the parade starts at 5 pm in Feldstraße and circles the DOM Mile. Beforehand, scary face-painting will transform children up to the age of 12 into their own spooky characters. After the parade, all DOM visitors can have their photo taken with the scary characters in the photo tent as a souvenir. 

The raffle for voucher booklets and ride token packages for the ghost trains starts at around 6:30 pm. A highlight for all visitors aged 18 and over: You can also win a live horror experience on one of the ghost trains at the DOM!

Lantern and Light Parade on 22 November

Location: Feldstraße, clearly signposted
Lantern distribution: 4:30 - 5:30 p.m., children up to 8 years, while supplies last
Start time: 5:30 p.m., duration approx. 1 hour

The first light and lantern parade will take place on 22 November. The meeting point is at Feldstraße, which is also the start and end point of the procession. The parade starts at 5:30 pm. In addition to background music, the lantern parade will be accompanied by oversized and imaginative illuminated figures. In addition, the Hamburg DOM will give the first 150 children up to the age of 8 a lantern, including a glow stick. The distribution - while stocks last - will take place starting at 4:30 p.m. at Feldstraße.

St. Nicholas Event

On 6 December, between 4 and 6 p.m., the popular St. Nicholas event will once again take place at Feldstraße. This time, St. Nicholas will be bringing along the DOM wheel of fortune. With a little skill, children up to the age of 12 can win a voucher booklet, DOM teddy bears, packets of ride tokens or sweets. St. Nicholas will also take wish lists or listen to children's Christmas wishes.

Winterdom 2023 Fireworks

Fireworks will take place at the Winter DOM 2023 on three Fridays at 10:30 p.m.:

  • Friday 10 November 2023
  • Friday 24 November 2023
  • Friday 8 December 2023

Upcoming DOM Dates:

  • Winter DOM 2023: 10 November - 10 December 2023
  • Spring DOM 2024: 22 March - 21 April 2024
  • Summer DOM 2024: 26 July - 25 August 2024

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