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Hamburg DOM Spring 2024

Discover attractions, snack on sweet and savoury treats, take part in great events and enjoy the DOM atmosphere: Spring DOM takes place from 22 March to 21 April 2024!

Spring DOM 2024 - The latest news and information on Hamburg DOM

Spring DOM 2024

A whole host of attractions await at Heiligengeistfeld fairground from 22 March to 21 April. For four weeks, you can experience fast-paced rollercoasters and romantic panoramic rides, discover events and and snack on sweet and savoury treats, and enjoy the unique atmosphere on the DOM funfair.

More information on the Spring Dome 2024 to be announced.

Funfair With a Rich History

Three times a year, the open space of the Heiligengeistfeld is the setting for the Hamburg DOM: in spring, summer and winter! Founded in the 11th century, it is now the largest funfair in northern Germany, attended by millions of visitors each year. With thrilling attractions, fast-paced rollercoasters, spooky ghost trains, nostalgic rides and much more, the Hamburg DOM offers pure entertainment for everyone.

Children can look forward to family rollercoasters, board the Hanse-Train or experience rides in attractions with mini helicopters, flying cars and UFOs. Besides a range of classics and highlights, there are spectacular novelties and world premieres every season.

More than 200 Stalls and Rides

There will be more than 200 stalls and rides along the 1.6-kilometre-long DOM track catering to visitors with a colourful mix of carousels, game arcades, snack bars, bakeries and sweets shops. From the classic bratwurst to snack pickles, from the popular Hamburg Schmalzkuchen to Dutch poffertjes, there's something for everyone. Whether mulled wine and grog in winter or cocktails and beer in summer the Hamburg DOM gastronomy invites everyone to enjoy a cosy get-together.

Upcoming DOM Dates:

  • Spring DOM 2024: 22 March - 21 April 2024
  • Summer DOM 2024: 26 July - 25 August 2024
  • Winter DOM 2024: 8 November - 8 December 2024

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