Hamburg DOM

Hamburg DOM DOM Attractions

Roller coasters, haunted houses, bumper cars - even an old-fashioned game of duck fishing. Hamburg DOM has it all.

Traditional attractions at Hamburg DOM

Hamburg DOM Attractions

Over 260 colourful attractions create fun for the whole family at Hamburg DOM, from the large and high-tech to the small and nostalgic. Rides like Jekyll & Hyde are sure to elevate you ― and your adrenaline levels. Perhaps a little less thrilling, but just as fun are attractions like the ferris wheel with a panoramic view over St. Pauli, the Kettenkarussell and Bodenkarussell carousels, and the popular Wilde Maus XXL rollercoaster.

World Premiere at the Spring DOM

Adrenaline junkies, listen up: the Evolution – Flight Beyond Imagination is the highest portable propeller speed ride in the world and will have its international premiere in Hamburg. At 140 kph, the 66 metre-long swing arms will propel passengers with g-forces up to 4.5 times the earth's gravitation. A unique feature is the on-ride camera system integrated into the gondolas, with which passengers can share their adventure with all their friends immediately after the ride.

New Rides this Spring

Launched last year, this gigantic XXL swing set is a real eye-catcher with its highly detailed design featuring King Arthur's legendary sword, Excalibur. The huge gondola swings at a 120-degree angle to a height of almost 50 metres above the ground while rotating on its own axis. The ride holds 20 passengers at the same time, who can experience a fast-paced and mystical flight through medieval settings with 4 times the force of gravity – an acceleration similar to that of a rocket launch.

Since 2023, a new ghost train experience has been 'haunting' the funfairs, this time giving Spring DOM visitors the shivers. The Geister Tempel (lit.: 'ghost temple') takes visitors into the realm of Egyptian mythology with undead pharaohs and mummies – scary horror fun for the whole family. On two levels, the temple's talking animatronics cater for many a scary moment. Even the facade, designed as a temple with tilting columns, has a surprise or two in store for onlookers.

Another novelty this spring is the Pirat wave slide. At a height of 15 metres, this high-speed downhill ride is even more exciting with its bumpy waves. It's not only children who love this slide, but also fun-loving grown ups will have a good time – a true family favourite.

DOM for Kids

No way the kids are getting bored at the DOM! Little ones can enjoy themselves with rides like Airport or Zirkus Flieger! And what’s more fun than winning prizes at an old-fashioned game of duck fishing, can shooting or horse racing?
Plus, every Wednesday is family-day at the Hamburg DOM, and visitors enjoy discounts on roller coaster rides and other attractions.

Bummel's Birthday Parade

On 17 April, DOM mascot Bummel the Bear celebrates his 6th brthday with all of his friends: the stars of Paw Patrol willbe there as will Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, Olaf from Frozn, Super Mario and Yoshi as well as Pikachu and Evoli. Also, Football club HSV mascot Dino Hermann will be part of the game.

All children are invited to join in on the celebration and be a part of the parade, which will start at 4 p.m. from the big Ferris Wheel and follow the route to the Feldstraße entrance. When the parade ends there, all the characters will look forward to giving hugs and having their picture taken until the event finished around 6:30 p.m.

When: 17 April 2024
Start: 4 p.m. in front of the big Ferris wheel
Fotopoint: Feldstraße entrance, after the parade


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