Hamburg for ... Pets

Hamburg is a city for pet lovers. Everything you need to know about bringing your furry friend to town.

Important stuff to know about travelling to Hamburg with pets Bring your furry friend to town

Hamburg is a pet-friendly city

If you’d like to bring your beloved animal with you, you're welcome! Hamburg is a pet-friendly city. But there are some restrictions on what kind and how many animals you are allowed to bring and which requirements are mandatory. More information on this topic can be found on the customs' website.


Unlike other cities  in Northern Europe, dogs are allowed in most cafés and restaurants, so you and your furry friend don't have to freeze outside. Hamburg has many green areas, but if you're looking for a 'real' park for an extensive walk, you'll have to walk a bit. If you like some company for your dog, visit Hamburg's beach (Elbstrand). It's definitely one of the dog lovers' favorite spots in the city.
Dogs are allowed in almost every park, except these:

  • No dogs ─ District Eimsbüttel: Unnapark
  • No dogs ─ District Altona: former cemetary Norderreihe & August-Lütgens-Park
  • No dogs ─ District Harburg: School garden area at city park Harburg (Harburger Stadtpark)

Hamburg's law obligates you to keep your dog leashed. If you don't you might have to pay a fine. Exceptions are marked areas, the so-called 'Hundeauslaufzonen'. Here no leash is required. Some dog breeds are claimed as dangerous. Those dogs are never allowed to be unleashed. They might not even be allowed to enter the country. Check here for more information on dangerous dog breeds.

Your dog has to do its business, that's for sure. But as long as you clean up afterwards, we're all happy. The city offers dog waste bags for free. You can find the small black bags tied to trees and  fences all around the city. You can also ask for the bags in some supermarkets or drugsture, for instance at 'Budnikowsky's', the cashier will often hand it to you for free.


Veterinarian Emergency Services+49 (0)40 434379
Animal Protection Services    
+49 (0)40 222277
Poison Helpline+49 (0)40 22819240
Animal Home Süderstraße+49 (0)40 2111060


Looking for a place to stay? Here's a list of dog-friendly hotels (German only).