Dine and Drink Cafés

Black or with a dash of milk? Get cosy over coffee or tea inside Hamburg's many cafés.

Hamburg for coffee lovers. Enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and a warm Franzbrötchen at Café Paris.

Cafes in Hamburg

Along the banks of the Elbe river, around the Alster lakes and in the narrow streets of Portugiesenviertel and Ottensen, Hamburg is full of cosy little cafés where you can relax during your well-deserved lunch break or after a long day of exploring the city. It's impossible to list them all, so here are some highlights. 

Ahoi and Strandperle on the beach by the Elbe are always bustling, especially in summer. At Alsterperle or La Dolce Vita you can enjoy your coffee while snuggling up in a blanket by the Alster lake. Visit Café Gnosa, a local LGBTQ favourite in the nearby Lange Reihe, for an extensive range of homemade cakes and coffee specialities.

Mamalicious in Sternschanze serves up a great American breakfast with many vegetarian and vegan options. Around the corner from there, Elbgold is just the place to go for freshly roasted coffee in all variations. For a chic, French ambiance go for crepes at Bistro Tati in Sternschanze or a classic steak tartare at Café Paris (see photo) located right in the centre. Kleinhuis Cafe is part of Hotel Baseler Hof and specialises in coffee as well as wine. And of course we haven't even covered Altona yet, with its many family-friendly hangouts. Check out TIDE as well as several Scandinavian-style cafés like Klippkroog or Saltkrakan.



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