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LGBTQI Legislation

Hamburg is a safe and friendly city for those in LGBTQI communities. Learn more about the local culture and legislation.

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LGBTQI Legislation in Hamburg

Hamburg is a safe and friendly city for LGBTQI communities, with plenty of cafés, bars and clubs to meet fora coffee, meal or drink. The local community is vocal and visible, and the city is a popular destination for LGBTQI visitors from all over Germany, Europe and beyond. 

Below is some information on the legal aspects of LGBTQI life in Hamburg and Germany.


  • On 30 June 2017, the Bundestag passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage.
  • Under the new law, married same-sex couples are able to adopt children together.
  • Although not legally binding, lesbian couples do, in principle, have access to AI as well as IVF treatment using donated sperm.
  • Neither same-sex nor heterosexual couples are allowed to pay commercial surrogate mothers in Germany.
  • Discrimination in employment and the provision of goods and services based on sexual orientation or gender identification is illegal nationwide.
  • Germany was the first country in Europe to allow citizens to identify as neither male nor female on official documentation. This includes birth certificates for intersex babies. Transgender individuals are legally allowed to change their gender on official documents. It should be noted, however, that culture does not always change as quickly as law, and those looking to change official documentation should be prepared for bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Members of the LGBTQI community may serve openly in the German military.
  • Men who have sex with men are as of yet still banned from donating blood, but they can donate bone marrow.

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