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LGBTQI Sports & Hobbies

Whether you’re into badminton, motorbikes or model trains: you’ll find your community at these LGBTQI hobby clubs in Hamburg.

LGBTQI Sports & Hobbies

Sporty types can get their move on at Startschuss Hamburg. This long-standing LGBTQI sports club with around 650 members hosts a wide variety of groups playing anything from football, badminton, volleyball and table tennis to sailing and rowing. Rather successfully, too: several Startschuss groups are competing in higher level tournaments.

Have you always had a fascination for trains? Get onboard and share your enthusiasm at Hamburg’s very own gay train club Schwule Eisenbahnfreunde. Meetings take place at Kulturladen St. Georg on every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Besides catching up over drinks and snacks you can geek out over presentations and demonstrations.

Defying oppressive aesthetics with plenty of drinks, good food and laughter, the “hairy bears” of Nordbären Hamburg meet once a month for a friendly catching up. Further activities include culinary excursions, sauna visits and the legendary Bärenpaadiie XXL - a weekend-long party with local and international “bears”. At the annual CSD parade, Nordbären are also present with their own party float.

Women with a passion for motorbikes can roar their engines at Dykes on Bikes Hamburg. This lesbian motorcycle club is the first German offshoot of the original San Francisco Dykes on Bikes. The spirit is friendly with activities geared towards doing charity work for Hamburg's rainbow community. Naturally, the Dykes on Bikes are present at events like MoGo, Harley Days, Hamburg Pride Ride and the CSD Parade.

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