LGBT Bars in Hamburg, Germany

LGBTQI Nightlife

Hamburg has become a beloved destination for LGBTQI visitors. Here’s an overview of the city’s best cafes, bars and clubs.

LGBTQI Nightlife in Hamburg

Hamburg’s friendly and open vibe has made the city a favourite destination for LGBTQI visitors. The local scene is most lively in the quarters St. Georg and St. Pauli where you’ll find plenty of gay-friendly locations. Below we've given you a head start with some of our favourite LGBTQI spots in Hamburg. 

St. Georg

Located next to Central Station, St. Georg is an excellent place to start your Hamburg excursion. The quarter’s centre of the action is Lange Reihe, along which you'll find loud and proud gay bars next to cosy cafes, restaurants and shops that fly the rainbow flag. For delectable home-made cakes in a chic interior, visit Cafe Gnosa (Lange Reihe 93). A couple of doors down, you'll find Cafe Uhrlaub, where you can drop in for breakfast or a hot meal any time of the day. Order a Gin & Tonic in a cosy booth at M&V Bar, or go for cocktails in the dimly-lit setting of Kyti Voo. Along Danziger Straße, you'll find literature, clothing and erotic paraphernalia at Bruno’s and good company in Bellini Bar.

St. Pauli

Hamburg’s famous entertainment and red light district St. Pauli is known for its welcoming, laissez-faire attitude. The Reeperbahn main street and surrounding area boast a fair amount of LGBTQI clubs and bars. Dance the night away to house beats at Club 136° (Reeperbahn 136) or sing along to golden oldies at WunderBar (Talstraße 14). Locations like Klubhaus St. Pauli, DOCKS and Nachtasyl frequently host LGBTQI party nights.

And of course, you can explore the rest of Hamburg's buzzing nightlife — rainbow flag or not! In addition to plenty of bars, clubs and parties, there are lots of music festivals to choose from.

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