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Report changes to childcare

If your child is cared for in a daycare facility and there are changes in the type and extent of care or your income, you must report this to the responsible authority. Continue

Daycare voucher

HIBB professional recognition

The professional recognition of the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education (HIBB) is a recognition body and responsible for determining the equivalence (recognition) of professional qualifications from abroad in the professions of educator and ... Continue

Daycare information system (find a daycare center)

The online service "Kita-Suche" allows you to search for day-care centers in selectable districts and districts of Hamburg and based on the desired service offered. Part of the daycare information system. Continue

Daycare search

Apply for professional recognition of a foreign qualification as an educator

Do you have a foreign professional qualification as an educator? In order for you to be able to work in this profession in Germany, you need professional recognition of your professional qualifications. Continue

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