Sports and Exercise Active City Bewegungsinseln

Active City Hamburg offers plenty of sites for an open-air workout – free of charge for everyone. Just come to one of the many Bewegungsinseln to break a sweat and feel great!

Active City Hamburg – Bewegungsinseln for everyone

One of the goals of Active City Hamburg is to make physical activity and sport available to all Hamburg residents at any time. To that end, Hamburg has installed a total of seven Bewegungsinseln (lit. ‘movement islands’ or ‘exercise islands’) – one in each of Hamburg’s districts.

Fitness and well-being for all Hamburg residents

Everyone can do their workout routine in the open air completely free of charge. Each Active City Bewegungsinsel is equipped with a pair of parallel bars, a set of high bars at different heights, a bench, and a multi-purpose all-in-one training tool called Trimmfit. All training tools at the Active City Bewegungsinseln grounds are certified and safe to use. 

Whether you come as part of a sport club, unofficial sport group or as single athlete, the Bewegungsinseln are easy to use for everyone. The training intensity can be adjusted individually to any athlete’s level or stamina, independent of their age. Convenient signposts with best practices at all sites will guide any athlete safely through their routine and provide useful training tips.

How to find your closest workout spot

There is an Active City Bewegungsinsel in each one of Hamburg’s seven districts, so all Hamburg residents can reach them conveniently. Additionally, all of them are surrounded by parks and green areas, giving athletes the opportunity to work out in a natural setting. Apart from this unique atmosphere and fun factor during workouts, the training is of course also good for your health. 

Here is where you can find the Bewegungsinsel closest to you:


Between Othmarschenpark and Baurstraße sports grounds
S1, S31, or S31 trains to S Bahrenfeld
Busses 1, 186, 621 to Händelstraße 


On the eastern bank of Nettelnburg lake, close to Wiesnerring street
S2 or S21 trains to Hamburg-Nettelnburg
Busses 227, 235, 329, 335 to Wiesnerring 


Wolfgang-Meyer sports grounds; between ice skating rink Stellingen and the U2 tracks
U2 line to Hagenbecks Tierpark
Busses 22, 181, 281, 391 to U Hagenbecks Tierpark 


Inselpark Wilhelmsburg; on the southern bank of Kuckucksteich pond
S3 or S31 trains to Wilhelmsburg
Busses 152, 355 to Papenbrack 


Eilbekpark/Friedrichsberger Park; on the north bank of the Wandse brook
S1 or S11 trains to Friedrichsberg
Bus 16 to S Friedrichsberg; bus 213 to Holsteinischer Kamp 


Harburger Stadtpark; on the eastern bank of Außenmühlenteich lake
S3 or S31 trains to Hamburg-Harburg
Bus 145 to Freizeitbad MidSommerland 


North-eastern bank of Bramfeld lake; between the lake and Ohlsdorf cemetery
Busses 177, 270 to Bramfelder See 


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