Free, fun, eco-friendly GreenKayak Initiative

GreenKayak offers free paddling trips on the Alster. All you have to do is pick up some waste along the way and everybody wins.

Green Kayak Hamburg

Free Alster kayaking fun with a good cause - GreenKayak Hamburg

What a win-win situation! Thanks to the Danish NGO GreenKayak, there’s now a way to paddle along Hamburg’s many canals entirely for free. All you have to do in exchange? Collect waste from the Alster and its many tributaries. Not only will you enjoy a wonderful day on Hamburg’s beautiful waterways, but the city will become a bit cleaner with each outdoor adventure. It's safe to say, that we all profit from each and every boat ride. 

Backed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the kayaks each hold two people and come fully equipped with life jackets, paddles, maps and the necessary gear to free the beautiful environment from plastic eyesores.

The kayaks are easy to navigate, even for beginners, and can be borrowed for two hours at a time. After your trip, your ‘haul’ is weighed and shared on social media. In Denmark, this simple principle has already resulted in tens of thousands of volunteers picking up a combined 10 tons of plastic from Danish waters.   

GreenKayak Hamburg currently has a fleet of three kayaks, which can be found at:

Segelschule Käpt’n Prüsse
An der Alster 47
20099 Hamburg
Zur Gondel
Kaemmererufer 25
20249 Hamburg
SUP CLUB Hamburg
Isekai 1
20249 Hamburg

Further additions to the fleet are planned for the near future.

Green Kayaks


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