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Sport plays a critical role in making a healthy society, so Hamburg has a detailed plan to keep people 'up and running'.

Active City Hamburg, Germany

Active City Master Plan for Hamburg Sports Development

The city of Hamburg believes that sports play a major role towards ensuring a healthy and happy populace. In order to further strengthen the sports facilities infrastructure, city authorities have devised the Active City Master Plan (ACMP). Until 2024, the plan will continuously improve and diversify opportunities to being physically active in Hamburg.

The master plan includes measures to further engage the people of Hamburg in sports, for instance by organising sports events, improving the accessibility of sport facilities and by renovating older sites, such as the iconic tennis stadium in Rotherbaum. Planned noise abatement measures help gyms comply with legally-regulated quiet hours, allowing them to stay open later and thereby freeing up much-needed gym-time slots. Out of a total of 26 projects, the first will be implemented in the near future: runners and cyclists will soon be able to enjoy new tracks in the Hamm and Horn quarters as well as a mountain bike dirt track in Francop quarter. For this first wave of measures, 5.6 million EUR have been allocated. All projects will be implemented by 2024.

The Active City Master Plan

The ACMP is based on some basic assumptions: sports are regarded as the foundation of health and social life. Therefore, suitable facilities need to be readily available throughout the entire city and, last but not least, people need to be motivated and activated towards practising sports. Being physically active contributes strongly towards a more modern and dynamic city and its role in society is constantly increasing. From early-age PE classes and exercise therapy for the elderly to supporting pro-level athletes, all forms of physical activity are subject to development measures under the ACMP. 

The Olympics & Paralympics

In November 2015, a public referendum in Hamburg decided against hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the city of Hamburg. Plans and schemes developed during the bidding phase were originally designed to facilitate a smooth realisation of the Olympics ─ and are now the foundation of the Active City Master Plan.

For further information, please download the Active City Master Plan as PDF (178p., 5.8 MB, German only)

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