König KinderKinder Festival

KinderKinder Kids' Festival in Hamburg

KinderKinder Kids' Festival

This international music and theatre festival kicks off with World Kids' Festival at Planten un Blomen and continues with performances from all over the world.

KinderKinder International Music and Theatre Festival

A festival especially for children followed by a season filled with kids' music and theatre shows ─ what better way to spend the crisp Autumn days? Every year, Hamburg-based organisation KinderKinder celebrates World Children's Day with a large kids' festival at Planten un Blomen park. On this Sunday afternoon, visitors young and old are treated to a host of music and dance performances by kids' groups from Japan, China, Uganda, Portugal, Brazil and Vietnam. In addition, children can partake in activities like kids’ yoga, handicrafts, rope-climbing, football, basketball and loads more.

And the fun doesn't stop there: During the months of September, October and November, KinderKinder organises a variety of exciting performances by music and theatre groups from Italy, France, Belgium, India and even Australia. The shows are directed at kids of various age groups ─ from toddlers to preteens.


16 September ─ 11 November 2018

Prinz KinderKinder Festival