Sustainable Music Open Air Futur 2 Festival

More than just another open air music event, the Futur 2 is an experiment in the creation of sustainable public festivals.

Future2Festival Hamburg, Germany

Futur 2 Festival - the future of open air music events

Open air festival of the future

More than just another open air music event, the Futur2Festival is an experiment in the creation of sustainable public events. One of the festival’s main goals is to generate all necessary energy on-site while reducing or recycling all waste. Even food stands and sanitary facilities are planned out in such a way as to utilise resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible. Unfortunately, producing zero waste would be impossible, but the festival has a strategy for ensuring that its effect on the environment is net zero: surplus impact on the environment is made up for by compensatory payments.

Energy from the sun, energy from feet

Pedal away! Having agreed to play without large-scale amp systems, a dozen or so artists will perform on the festival’s two stages. The energy for these gigs will be won entirely from natural resources. The ‘Pedal-Powered Stage’ relies on generators powered by the energy of concertgoers ― via cycling!

Increase in volume and bass translates to higher resistance ― requiring visitors to really give it their all as the music picks up. The ‘Solar-Powered-Stage’ doesn’t need anything but good weather for a great show, just like most open-air festivals.

An ‘off the grid’ bar

But can you enjoy a cold beer or soft drink in the summer sun? Well, it just takes a photovoltaic system and an energy storage unit to create a fully-autonomous bar, complete with six refrigerators and atmospheric lighting.

Needless to say, the food at Futur2Festival is made from non-GMO regional produce. Dishes are compost- or recyclable and drinks come in reusable bottles. Even your ‘personal’ waste will be put to use: compost toilets are good for the environment AND smell a lot more pleasant than the usual porta-potties.

Climate-neutral transport

Futur2Festival has it all figured out: even transport to and from the festival grounds leaves little to no ecological footprint. Cars are banned from the area ― there aren’t even any parking spaces available. Even delivery traffic is reduced to freight bicycles and electric cars whenever possible. To make sure that visitors use their bikes to reach the festival, secure bike parking is provided. However, the central location just east of HafenCity also allows for easy access to the event via public transport.


The festival is free of charge


2021 dates TBA

Getting there

S2/21 trains to Rothenburgsort


Elbpark Entenwerder, 20539 Hamburg

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