Experimental Music Festival Klubkatarakt

Unique concerts, sound and video art - this experimental music festival treats visitors to a stream of sounds and images.

Klubkatarakt - Experimental Music Festival

Those who attend Kampnagel’s klubkatarakt should be prepared to listen actively and get deeply involved with the sounds there. The tones and timbres that flow towards the audience at this experimental music festival are diverse, complex and unusual - certainly not part of the musical mainstream. 

The sounds themselves aren’t the only unique thing to be explored here - the modes of presentation are something special as well. Ever changing concerts, extra-long performances, video installations, and compositions unique to the rooms in which they exist are all part of the programme. Streams of texts, sounds and images create a totally different experience than what visitors will find anywhere else. 

Hamburg’s beloved Kampnagel has been putting on this one of a kind music festival for well over a decade. A multi-faceted network of composers, performers, bands, video artists, writers and performance artists has dedicated itself to both the world premieres and the reinstallation of tried and tested pieces that make klubkatarakt and its multimedia concept so special. 

It should come as no surprise that klubkatarakt attracts a bevy of international artists. But Hamburg artists have also found a unique and special stage here, meaning every incarnation of klubkatarakt is an exciting blend of local and international talent. 


2025 dates TBA

For more information, visit klubkatarakt online.