Hamburg at Home

This innovative streaming programme brings Hamburg’s best musicians directly into your home. concerts at home enjoy local artists digitally

If you’re looking for a wide variety of streaming concerts to bring some music into your home during uncertain times, look no further than Their goal is to support Hamburg’s musicians by providing a platform to help them reach audiences while in-person live shows are unavailable. 

Studio space is provided free of charge and professional equipment is available to musicians on site. Programs can be streamed live and in excellent quality from the studio, creating a special concert experience that can be offered on such a platform. The portal set up also allows viewers to donate (both to the project and to musicians) and buy tickets for future performances. 

What’s more, the studio space is provided free of charge to musicians who don’t own sufficient equipment, meaning even burgeoning artists have the chance to connect with fans, both locally and even in other cities. 

If you’re looking to stream some amazing shows and support a project that has its heart in the right place, you should know that hopes to expand in many ways that will keep it relevant even when public life returns to normal after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. For example, they plan to include music education offers for children who cannot attend in-person lessons. 

The concerts will remain online for an unlimited period of time, so has the potential to remain a central platform for significant digital concert experiences well into the future.

For more information, including past and upcoming concerts, visit online.