Christmas Harburg Christmas Market

The traditional Christmas market in front of the illuminated Harburg Town Hall attracts visitors with its many shopping stalls, tasty treats, a large children's programme, and fireworks.

Harburg Christmas Market Harburg Christmas Market

Christmas in Harburg

A Picturesque Setting

The Harburg Christmas market imbues visitors with a festive spirit at the most magical time of the year. The town hall's historic baroque architecture creates an atmospheric setting for the lovingly decorated stalls selling delicious, beautiful and useful items. During the day, the Christmas market is for children and their families, while in the evening it is a popular gathering spot for anyone who wants to mingle in a cosy atmosphere. 

Carousel, Advent Calendars and Father Christmas

In addition to the carousel and sweet treats, there is a special activity for children almost every day. From 1 December until Christmas, a gift from the big Harburg Advent calendar will be raffled off every day. Children can also do handicrafts and help build Hamburg's largest gingerbread house. They can also listen to fairy tales, sing or have fun at the puppet theatre. St. Nicholas fills boots and Father Christmas makes time to visit with children on two special dates. A good opportunity for the little ones to talk to him about presents, hand in their wish lists, or recite a poem. 

Tasty Treats All Around

Mulled wine and punch are on offer, of course, along with almonds, candy floss, fresh fried dough, and savoury treats in many varieties. The menu ranges from pea soup and sausages to Burgundy ham and crêpes. 

Special Offers

There is a varied daily programme in the Aktionshütten (lit: ‘action huts’), which advertise special offers to market visitors. These range from Christmas tree ornament painting, candle decoration, and historical pictures of Harburg to activities organised by the German Red Cross, UNICEF and the Schüler Helfen Leben charity. 


23 November – 29 December 
Closed 24, 25 & 26 December 


Harburger Rathausplatz 1 
21073 Hamburg

Harburg Christmas Market