Children's Christmas Programme The Märchenschiffe Boats

These popular boats by the Alster offer unique fun that keeps kids excited throughout Advent season.

Märchenschiffe Hamburg Alster in Hamburg, Germany

The Märchenschiffe boats on Jungfernstieg offer everything a kid's heart can desire

Please note: The Märchenschiffe boat event has been cancelled for 2023. Please consider the above a preview of what's to come in 2024.

On the ceremonially decorated ships, a multi-faceted holiday programme will make the wait for Christmas Eve a whole lot easier. With storytellers, witches, magicians, face paintings, a library, games and many surprises, kids will once again love the Märchenschiffe. On the two Backschiffe boats, kids can bake Christmas cookies for a small fee. All other ships have their own programme modeled after the needs of young Hamburgers in anticipation of Christmas.

The baking boats

From the docks on Jungfernstieg the lovely smell of baked goods envelops the south bank of the Inner Alster. Kids aged three and older can enter the Saselbek and Sielbek boats to bake and decorate all the cookies they can carry home. 

The theatre boat

Onboard the Bredenbek theatre ship, a new join-in programme is offered on a daily basis. On Mondays, the mermaid Ilayda will explore the underwater world of Hamburg. On Tuesdays, funny and exciting fairy tales are told by a professional storyteller. On Wednesdays, Adventa will use her witchcraft to save Christmas, while on Thursdays, children can learn about a little stars journey to earth and back into the sky. On Fridays, kids travel into a fairytale land of mythical creatures and on Saturdays, kids can board an Orient-bound flying carpet. And last but not least, Paulo the Magician pays a visit on every Sunday. The performances are free of charge. 

The café boat

The café ship looks back at a long tradition during Hamburg winters. While kids enjoy multiple events on the other boats, parents can have a warm cup of tea or coffee and the view of a winter wonderland along the banks of the Alster lake. Next to hot beverages, a broad choice of baked goods makes the stay more than worthwhile for kids and adults. And for the adults who would like to pass the time over a cup of mulled wine, the Jungfernstieg Christmas Market is located right by the docks.  

The dream boat 

On the dream boat, kids can dive into a fantastic realm, where make-up artists turn Hamburg’s children into kings and queens, fearless lions or pretty fairies. The play area will offer many different little surprises for the young ones.


Australiastraße Schuppen 51a
20457 Hamburg

Getting there:

Bus line 256, exit Australiastraße (Hafenmuseum)



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