Altes Land Architecture

This region south of Hamburg has some of the best-preserved and most beautiful historical architecture in Northern Germany.

Churches, houses and gates in Altes Land

Altes Land - Architecture

Altes Land has long been a prosperous region thanks to its bountiful orchards and proximity to the Elbe. Thanks in large part to this legacy, Altes Land has some of the most beautiful historical architecture in Northern Germany. This includes, for example, the ornately half-timbered houses with richly decorated Brauttür-style doors that can be found in the region, as well as the splendid Prunkpforten gates and the ten Altländer churches located in the town centers of Twielenfleth, Hollern, Steinkirchen, Grünendeich, Mittelkirchen, Neuenkirchen, Jork, Borstel, Estebrügge and St. Pankratius Neuenfelde. It is characteristic of the region’s churches that their towers stand next to the main nave, as the floor would otherwise not be able to withstand the weight of the towers. The churches’ most valuable treasures are their organs, some of which are over 500 years old. The annual organ concerts every 2 July celebrate this cultural heritage with performances held in all churches across Altes Land and the surrounding area. 

Visitors to Altes Land can never help but find their eyes drawn to the half-timbered houses with their Brauttür-style doors and gates. The latter are a kind of high-rise arched gate to actual homesteads. On the white painted wood you can read slogans describing Altländer virtues. Many of the half-timbered houses also have brightly painted carved Brauttür-style doors. Historically, these were opened only on special occasions. In days gone by, a trunk with all the important papers and treasures of the house was usually hidden behind it. In an emergency, the most essential items could quickly be brought to safety via the Brauttür door. The exemplary preservation of these architectural works of art clearly shows how traditions are maintained in Altes Land. 

The Altes Land region has a total of over 400 official monuments, including half-timbered houses, lighthouses, churches and museums as well as windmills. How many can you visit?

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