Altes Land Altländer Blossom Festival

This annual festival pays tribute to the beautiful apple and cherry trees that blossom each spring in the Altes Land region just south of Hamburg.

Altländer Blossom Festival

Altes Land - Jork Blossom Festival

Every year, the first weekend in May brings the Altländer Blütenfest - a celebration of the beautiful blossoms that adorn the fruit trees each spring in the Altes Land region just south of Hamburg. 

The local Altländers celebrate the Blossom Festival in Jork to honour the blooming fruit trees of their homeland, but of course visitors are encouraged to join as well. A colourful programme of music, dancing and singing is on display in the centre of Jork. 

But the real highlight is the coronation of the Altländer Blütenkönigin (lit. ‘Altländer Blossom Queen’), which has been a festival tradition since 1981. Young women from across Germany's Altes Land region apply each year for the position of Blütenkönigin. A jury selects one winner from the applications and her identity is kept strictly secret until the coronation. The reigning Blütenkönigin often then becomes something of a local celebrity, representing her region at national events and ceremonies.

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4-5 May 2024


Jork town centre

Blossoms and Harvest


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