Altes Land Blossoms and Fruit

You can tell the time of year in Altes Land by which blossoms are on the trees or which fruits are in season.

Altes Land in Spring

Altes Land - Blossoms and Fruit

The springtime fruit blossoms are not only crucial for local fruit growers, but also create a breathtaking natural spectacle that is not to be missed. Every year, the thousands of fruit trees in Altes Land bloom, exuding a lovely scent and attracting visitors from near and far.

Blossom tours on red double-decker buses are offered throughout the spring. Tour guides explain places of particular interest and discuss the importance of fruit growing in the Altes Land. But the best time to view the astounding fruit blossoms in Altes Land may just be the first weekend in May, which coincides with the annual traditional Blossom Festival. Visit the colourful parade in the centre of Jork, watch the coronation of the Flower Queen, who will represent the old country for one year at home and abroad, and of course take in the traditional music, dances and refreshments. 

When planning a visit to Altes Land to view the fruit blossoms, you can even check the Blossom Barometer, which provides information on the current status of the cherry and apple blossoms. This is a great way to ensure you don’t miss them at their peak. 

Harvest season begins in summer. Farmers sell juicy cherries, fresh vegetables and delicious berries right on the farm. If you like, you can even pick some strawberries yourself. Next comes the apple harvest, which takes place from the end of August to November. Apples are also available directly on the farms or if you prefer, you can go apple picking and pluck them from the trees yourself. Either way, any apple lover would be advised to secure their private apple supply for the winter in Altes Land. 

If you plan to visit Altes Land during harvest season, be sure to check the Fruit Barometer for up-to-date information about the ripeness of the local fruit.

Highlights during apple season include Tag des offenen Hofes (lit. ‘Open Farm Day’), the apple festival in Steinkirchen and the apple and pumpkin festival in Schuback. Visitors can experience the full diversity of the apple, try a variety of local dishes and enjoy a colourful entertainment programme. Exciting insights into apple cultivation are also discussed, especially at the Tag des offenen Hofes.

Blossoms and Harvest


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