Altes Land Explore the Region

Whether by bike, bus, car or on foot, there are plenty of unique and scenic ways to explore the Altes Land region south of Hamburg.

Altes Land by bike, car or on foot

Altes Land - Explore the Region

Perhaps the most popular ways to discover Altes Land are by bike or on foot. In fact, the cycle touring network running throughout the entire Altes Land region encompasses around 1,000 kilometres. Over 100 kilometres of these paths follow the main and tributary dikes running through Altes Land, while the well-known Elbe Cycle Path and the North Sea Coast Cycle Path also lead through the region. All cycle routes are marked and offer plenty of options for different landscapes to explore. So, take your bike and ride through the region, by the old half-timbered houses, farm shops and cafés that dot the landscape or take a rest and sample some Altland specialties. 

There are plenty of other routes through the Altes Land region as well. While many might prefer to cycle, these are also suitable for driving - especially if you plan to stock up on fruit while you’re there. Along these lines, if you are on the road a little longer during the flowering or harvest time, you might well choose the fruit route. This route leads in two sections over a length of 36 and 37 kilometres past the Elbe, numerous orchards, the Hanseatic city of Stade and the fairytale town of Buxtehude. You might also want to stop and take a closer look at the barrows that can be found along the forest route. The Elbe island route travels the Elbe island of Krautsand, offering some stunning views from the river. 

For bikers who need a break, the Elbe Cycle Touring Bus runs between Harsefeld and the Natureum Niederelbe from the middle of April to the beginning of October, making plenty of stops along the way. You can easily take the bus just a few stops if you run out of breath on a long bike tour - just load your bike onto the trailer and continue at another point. 

Altes Land is also a beautiful area to explore on foot. In addition to beautiful walks on the dykes along the Elbe, Lühe and Este rivers, the Jork fruit trail is something particularly special. Twelve display boards along a stretch of 1.5 kilometres of Westminnerweg in Jork provide interesting information about fruit growing from planting to harvest as you make your way through the orchards.

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