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Getting Married in Hamburg

The registry office responsible for the marriage depends on the place of residence. If the fiancées have different places of residence, you can choose the district in which you register the marriage. 

It is necessary to register at the relevant registry office in order to check whether the legal requirements for the marriage have been met. Once the confirmation has been received, the marriage can then be entered in front of any registry office in Germany.

Requirements for marriage

  • The marriage must be permissible according to the law of both partners.
  • Both partners must be at least 18 years old.
  • There must be no marriage prohibition:
  1. Prohibition of marriage with existing marriage
  2. Prohibition of the marriage of relatives
  3. The ban on marrying relatives also applies to adopted children in relation to adoptive parents and their relatives. 

Foreign citizens may in principle only enter into marriage if they present a so-called certificate of capacity to marry.

Required documents for the marriage

  • identity card or passport with current registration certificate
  • complete, certified, current (at registration not older than 6 months) copy from the birth register
  • current certificate of residence/extended certificate of registration with indication of marital status (not older than 6 months when registering / is also referred to as single certificate), this can be issued for persons registered in Hamburg when registering for marriage at the registry office.

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