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Here you will find information on the locations of the Hamburg Service for Foreigners' Affairs and the Hamburg Welcome Center.

District Immigration Authorities in Hamburg, Germany

District Immigration Authorities - Hamburg Welcome Portal

You can apply for a residence permit either at the locations for Foreigners' Affairs of the Hamburg Service vor Ort or at the Hamburg Welcome Centre (residence matters for skilled workers).

You can use the Online Servic Reesidence Permit to find out which authority is responsible for your application and submit it directly.

An overview with current opening hours and contact details can be found on the Hamburg Service vor Ort website (in German).

The Hamburg Welcome Centre is responsible for you if you

  • want to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of training, studying, employment or self-employment and freelance work (§§ 16a to 21 AufenthG) for the first time after entering Germany or 
  • are a skilled worker and wish to extend or transfer your residence permit in accordance with §§ 18a to 18d AufenthG or wish to apply for a settlement permit or 
  • are a family member of the above-mentioned persons and require a residence permit.

Please note the change in responsibility!

An overview with the current opening hours and contact details can be found on the following pages:

Hamburg Service vor Ort - Foreigners' Affairs (in German)

 (residence matters for skilled workers)

There may be circumstances in which there are changes to the general opening hours in the authorities and offices. Current information can be found here (in German).

Information on residence permits, checklists and the necessary application forms can be found on the Hamburg Welcome Portal.

Please note: For immigrants who still reside abroad, the competence lies with the respective German diplomatic mission abroad (embassy, consulate) in their home country.

District Immigration Authorities

District Immigration Authorities


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