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To obtain or renew your residence document you need to contact your local district immigration authority. Find out where they are located.

District Immigration Authorities in Hamburg, Germany

District Immigration Authorities - Hamburg Welcome Portal

Each of the district offices in Hamburg's seven districts includes a special immigration authority which handles formalities for foreigners living in Hamburg. Services include:

  • Application to obtain or renew a residence document (Residence Permit, EU Blue Card, Settlement Permit, Permanent EC Residence Permit)
  • Submitting a declaration of commitment for long-term stay in Germany

Finding your district office

You can easily identify the district office ("Bezirksamt") in charge of your application for a residence document (or its extension) online by using the Hamburg Administration Guide (Behördenfinder der Stadt Hamburg).

  • Open the (German-language) Hamburg Administration Guide
  • Enter your registered address (street name and house number) in Hamburg
  • Press the red button (“Weiter”)

The Hamburg Administration Guide will now show you the relevant department’s contact details and opening hours. 

Alternatively, qualified professionals and managers, students and their families may also contact the Hamburg Welcome Center.

Please note: For immigrants who still reside abroad, the competence lies with the respective German diplomatic mission abroad (embassy, consulate) in their home country.

District Immigration Authorities

District Immigration Authorities