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Registration in Hamburg

You should register your new address within two weeks after moving into your new home. This can be done at your local customer service centre (Kundenzentrum). Booking the appointment is enough to meet the two-week deadline. After registration, you’ll receive a Meldebescheinigung (Proof of Residence) which you need in order to open a bank account, get German health insurance, apply for a residence permit, enrol into university and get a mobile phone number.

Getting an appointment

Book an appointment online (Termin vereinbaren) at any customer service centre (Kundenzentrum). Select either registration (Anmeldung) or moving within Hamburg (Ummeldung). Then, select one of the locations and choose a time slot. Here you can find a more detailed guide in English on how to book an appointment online.

What should you bring?

  • registration form (filled out and signed)
  • Landlord/-lady confirmation “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”
  • Official photo identification (identification card or passport) for every registering person
  • When moving from abroad: In the case of children, the birth certificate must be presented in the appropriate form (international certificate or apostille/legalisation carried out be a sworn translator in Germany) and all persons subject to registration must be present in person.

  • Administration fee: EUR 12

In addition, further documents must be submitted by:

  • Married / Partnered couples: marriage certificate (original)
  • Divorcees: divorce decree (original)
  • Widowed persons: death certificate (original)
  • Holders of an electronic residence permit (eAT): the residence permit

Leaving Hamburg

Be sure to deregister your residence at the city authorities before moving away from Hamburg. For this, hand in a completed deregistration form as well as an official photo ID to one of the costumer service centres. An appointment isn't necessary.

You only need to deregister if:

  •     you are moving abroad
  •     you move out of a second home in Hamburg.

The following documents are required for deregistration:

As a customer of the Hamburg Welcome Center, you can send the deregistration by e-mail to After processing, you will receive a confirmation of deregistration.

You can submit the deregistration form at the earliest seven days before you move out. Please note that the deregistration only becomes effective on the specific date of moving out.

More information about registration in Hamburg can be found in the Forms section.

A small but important note: Make sure that you attend to your income tax declaration in time. It is mandatory if you receive income from self-employment, renting, capital assets, pension or income from several employers. In this case the tax declaration has to be submitted until 31th may of the following year. If you receive your income as an employee, it is voluntary and you can submit it for 4 years retroactively.  You can find more information about the income tax declaration on our Hamburg Welcome Portal.