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Citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland enjoy unrestricted freedom of movement in Germany.

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Please note: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there may currently be changes in entry regulations. For current information, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Nationals of the European Union (EU) have the right to free movement within all countries in the EU. They need neither a visa for entry into Germany nor a residence permit for their stay. Moreover, EU citizens have unrestricted access to the labour market in Germany. EU citizens can stay in Germany without conditions for a period of three months. All you need is a valid ID document (identity card or passport).

The following groups have the right to stay in Germany for longer than 3 months:

  • Employed or self-employed persons
  • Jobseekers (usually for up to 6 months)
  • Non-employed persons, as well as students and trainees who have secured livelihood and health insurance
  • Permanent residents
  • Family members of the persons mentioned above

Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have the same rights as EU citizens. They, too, enjoy the right to free movement.

Swiss citizens

Swiss citizens also enjoy freedom of movement within the EU. Although they are exempt from the requirement of a residence title, Swiss citizens can still apply for a declaration-only residence permit-Switzerland as an electronic residence title at their relevant immigration authority. The relevant immigration authority depends on your place of residence.

Family members

Family members who are not nationals of the EU/EEA or Switzerland need a visa for entry into Germany and an appropriate residence permit for their permanent stay.

At the website of the European Comission you will find more information about freedom of movement.

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