Molfsee Museum

Molfsee Open Air Museum

Home to a huge open air museum for folklore, Molfsee is a small parish located South of Kiel. Explore the area’s history in great detail.


The Landesmuseum für Volkskunde in Molfsee is made up of over 60 historical buildings, set in amongst meadows, fields, ponds and gardens. Here, visitors can explore the lively folk history of Schleswig-Holstein, and even walk in amongst the types of animals that would have been around at the time. There are also several events every year which visitors can get involved in, including a special event for kids, and even exhibitions.


Freilichtmuseum Molfsee 
Hamburger Landstraße 97
24113 Molfsee

+49 (0) 431 659660

Opening Hours:

Until November: 
9 a.m. ─ 6 p.m. daily