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The elegant Colonnaden pedestrian street features magnificent Wilhelminian architecture and specialty boutiques.​​​​​​

Shopping at Colonnaden

Colonnaden Shopping Street

Venetian flair

Colonnaden was built in 1874 as a private street by the Wex brothers, who owned a selection of properties in central Hamburg. Many of the street’s original Neo-Renaissance façades remain intact. The name ‘Colonnaden’ stems from the many columns supporting the arcades alongside the street, which give the area a luxurious Venetian flair. Exquisite marble shop fronts lure visitors inside boutiques where they can easily spend hours browsing through unique pieces, each with their own stories.

Although Colonnaden has faced turbulence over the last century, today it is in impeccable shape, boasting an exciting mix of modern stores and traditional shops with long-established names hearkening back to Hamburg's olden days. A stroll up and down Colonnaden is a highlight of every visit to Hamburg.

A relaxed stroll to Planten un Blomen

Although Colonnaden is located right in the city centre, the street remains calm and distinctly elegant. It connects Jungfernstieg to Stephansplatz along the back of the Staatsoper and the Four Seasons Hotel, and it offers the quickest link from the busy city centre to the Planten un Blomen park. Colonnaden can also be accessed through the Gänsemarkt-Passage shopping arcade, which leads to Gustav-Mahler square and its many bistros and coffee shops.


The shops alongside Colonnaden are typically small in size and independently run, with chain stores remaining a rare exception. You’ll find luxury products and high-quality speciality items such as Nana Hellwege’s handcrafted jewellery, paper and pens at Papier & Feder, and made-to-measure shoes at Crossford’s.


Colonnaden is home to a fine selection of restaurants and cafés, many of which offer al fresco dining as soon as the weather begins to warm up. The range of cuisines is impressive, ranging from Portuguese (Pastelaria Caravela) and Japanese (Matsumi) to Italian (Le Pergola Due) and local fare (Hamburger Fischerstuben), to name just a few of the tasty options housed there.  And be sure to cosy up in one of the many coffee shops, like Balzac Coffee or Cup&Cino.


Colonnaden, 20354 Hamburg

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. - late most days.

Getting there

U2 to Gänsemarkt, U1 to Stephansplatz, Bus M5 to Gänsemarkt

Gänsemarkt Car Park, 700 space



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