Shopping Destinations Alsterarkaden

Alster swans in front of the exclusive shopping arcades

Alsterarkaden Shopping Arcades

Gleaming white arcades adorn the waterfront at the Jungfernstieg promenade with an elegant, Mediterranean charm. A perfect destination for an afternoon stroll, the shopping galleries offer designer clothes, exclusive jewelry, luxury dining and unexpected Art Nouveau frescoes.

Venetian touch along Jungfernstieg

The Alsterarkaden were designed by leading urban planner Alexis de Chateauneuf who reshaped Hamburg after the Great Fire of 1842. Inspired by his travels to Italy, Chateauneuf emphasised symmetry and curved arches along the Jungfernstieg waterfront, an area where the privileged could live, dine, shop and mingle surrounded by elegance.

Mellin Passage, the oldest shopping arcade in Hamburg

The Mellin Passage, connecting the Alsterarkaden with the Neuer Wall shopping street, is the oldest shopping arcade in Hamburg. Here, you’ll find antiques, art and rare literature at Felix Jud, exclusive porcelain vases and dishware at the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur, and countless tea varieties at the Arka-Teepavillon.

Inside the arcade, look up to discover a beautiful surprise. In 1989, a fire laid one of the shops in the Mellin Passage to ruin. During restoration, workers uncovered colourful Art Nouveau frescoes and stained-glass with intricate patterns that likely hadn’t been admired since the 19th century.

Alster swans

While enjoying a coffee along the Alsterarkaden, you may notice several white and black swans gracefully making their way across the Inner Alster Lake. These birds hold a special place in Hamburg’s identity — it is said that the city will be free and Hanseatic as long as there are swans living on the Alster. Still today, the Alster swans are protected and cared for dutifully by the city government.



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