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Liability cases, tax office

The liability offices of the regional tax offices process liability claims for tax debts in accordance with the provisions of the tax code and civil law. This includes both the examination of liability claims and the implementation of liability proceedings. Continue

Pre-register sales tax

As a company, you usually have to submit advance sales tax returns to the tax office on a monthly or quarterly basis. Continue

ELSTER (electronic tax return)

Dog ownership, re-registration

A dog has to be re-registered when moving within Hamburg. If you move to Hamburg from outside of Germany, it is a dog registration (see link). Continue

Dog ownership in Hamburg

Register companies in the register of prequalified companies for public tenders

If you would like to be entered as a company in the official directory of prequalified companies (AVPQ), you can obtain this by providing the responsible IHK with one-time proof of your reliability and suitability. Continue

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