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Infection protection, message

The aim of infection protection is to prevent communicable diseases in humans, to detect infections at an early stage and to prevent them from spreading. The health department accepts all reports of pathogens or notifiable diseases that are ... Continue

Infection hygiene, monitoring compliance in residential care facilities

The public health service advises and monitors facilities (residential care facilities) with regard to compliance with hygiene regulations. In shared facilities, such as retirement and nursing homes, it is necessary to ensure that personal hygiene is ... Continue

Infection hygiene, compliance monitoring

The district health offices advise and monitor the implementation of and compliance with the hygiene regulations in hospitals, outpatient surgery facilities, day clinics, medical practices, dental practices and practices of other medical health ... Continue

Instructions according to § 43 Infection Protection Act

You will receive instruction on the proper handling of food. Continue

Apply for compensation in accordance with the Infection Protection Act in the event of loss of earnings

If you are quarantined at home or are banned from working due to the Infection Protection Act and suffer loss of earnings as a result, you are generally entitled to compensation Continue

Application for childcare compensation according to the Infection Protection Act Apply for quarantine compensation according to IfSG

Control of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis Control Center of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Continue

Activities involving pathogens - apply for permission

If you want to work with pathogens, you may need a permit to do so. Continue

Vaccination coverage

The statutory health insurance companies bear the costs for the vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO). Continue

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