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Permits under water law for surface waters

If you have drainage problems or questions about drainage in road ditches or the course of drainage pipes, please contact the public space management department of the responsible district office directly. For responsibilities for issuing permits ... Continue

Apply for route instructions

With this service, line managers, network operators and their service providers can apply for route instructions. You can choose from the following: wastewater, drinking water, gas, electricity, district heating, telecommunications. Continue

Request for route instructions BauWeiser digging certificate

Bicycle officer

Topics of the bicycle officer: Cycle path concepts, cycle routes, citizen and political inquiries on the subject of bicycle traffic. The topics do not include: Maintenance of cycle paths, such as holes or breaks in cycle paths, missing signs, ... Continue

Report road damage

Report damage to the city of Hamburg's traffic areas to the responsible authorities. Continue

Defect reporter - Report-Michel

Apply for the creation of a footpath crossing

The purpose of the sidewalk crossing is to make it easy for vehicles to access a property from the street. If you are planning a project that requires curb lowering, you will need a curb crossing permit. Continue

Apply for special use in public space

Traffic signs, implementation of construction and dismantling

The public space management departments of the district offices are responsible for the construction, dismantling and maintenance of traffic signs / street signs. Continue

Use of path areas

In order to maintain traffic safety in the construction site area, the creation, examination or approval of traffic sign plans as well as a traffic and road law permit must be applied for on public roads. You will receive a special use permit for ... Continue

Access to construction sites on public areas

The use of public traffic areas (streets, paths or squares) beyond common use requires a special use permit. This includes the preparation of building site accesses. Continue

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