Apply for route instructions

With this service, line managers, network operators and their service providers can apply for route instructions. You can choose from the following: wastewater, drinking water, gas, electricity, district heating, telecommunications.

Important notes


Right of use in accordance with Section 69 (1) of the Telecommunications Act

Documents required

including current site plans scale 1: 250 based on ALKIS with information about lines and operating facilities.

Please note

After the route instructions have been issued, an excavation certificate is required. This can be requested online (see links).

Procedure & Fees

Processing time

The processing of an application for train path instructions usually takes one to four weeks if complete and verifiable application documents are available. If a notification of consent is required in accordance with Section 68 (3) of the Telecommunications Act, the processing time can be extended.


Calculation based on the existing framework agreement with the FHH or according to the fee schedule for the management and use of public roads, green spaces and recreational facilities (Appendix 4).

Legal notes

Legal basis

Right of use according to § 69 Abs. 1 Telekommunikationsgesetz, § 22 Hamburgisches Wegegesetz.

Public Service Disclaimer

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