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When applying, a current site plan and a current land map of the parcel concerned must be submitted. In the case of a simplified procedure, a separate building application or application (with corresponding attachments) for height instructions must be submitted if required.

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Specialized Office Management of Public Space
Roads and Waters
Transport Projects

Jessenstraße 1-3

+49 40 42811-6395

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Specialized Office Management of Public Space
Civil Engineering
Planning and Design of Roads

Harburger Rathausplatz 4

+49 40 42871-2529

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Department of Economy, Building and Environment
Specialized Office for Public Space Management
Street Planning

Am Alten Posthaus 2

+49 40 42881-2069

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Civil engineering permits

Caffamacherreihe 1-3

+49 40 42854-2126

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