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Distribution of printed maps, plans, books and brochures from the regional office for geoinformation and surveying

Hamburg's official maps: Map of Hamburg 1: 5000 (DK5) for planning, business and administration. A new edition of the German basic map 1: 5000 (DGK5), which has existed for years. maps the entire Hamburg state area with the associated islands ... Continue

Expert Committee LGV (HH)

Extracts from the property map

The real estate map is the representative part of the cadastral documentation in the Official Real Estate Cadastre Information System (ALKIS). All plots of land and buildings that are significant in terms of real estate law are shown to scale with ... Continue

real estate cadastre

Merge parcels

You want to merge several parcels together? Then you can place an order for it. Continue

Application for measurement

Break up parcels

Would you like to dismantle an existing parcel? Then place a written, informal order Continue

Application for measurement

Parcels merge through local surveying

Do you want to have several parcels turned into one parcel? Then you can have this done with an application for a local survey. Continue

Application for measurement

Locally mark parcel boundaries

Do you not know the course of your parcel boundary or can't find your boundary stones? Then you can apply for a border production for this. Continue

Application for measurement

Aerial photos - digital orthophotos

With us you get aerial photos or digital orthophotos. Continue

Inspection of the register of construction encumbrances

You want to buy a plot of land. Where can you get information as to whether a building encumbrance has been registered for the property and which building encumbrance it is? Continue

real estate cadastre

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