Port Anniversary

Port Anniversary Hagengeburtstag 2021

The Port Anniversary is an essential part of Hamburg’s city life. In 2021, the 832nd anniversary was celebrated digitally for all.

Tugboat Ballet

Port Anniversary 2021 - online!

The show must go on! Although the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was in full swing, Hamburg's beloved Port Anniversary still took place - this year with a digital programme available to Hamburg lovers worldwide.

Like every other Port Anniversary, 2021 contained all the anticipated highlights, including the Grand Arrival Parade, the Tugboat Ballet, the AIDA fireworks and the Great Departure Parade, each of which puts the ships front and centre in the celebrations.


The 2021 Port Anniversary schedule was as follows:

Fr, 7.5., 3:30  p.m.: Opening church service

Fr, 7.5., ca. 4:30 p.m.: Grand Arrival Parade

Sa, 8.5., 3:30 p.m.: Tugboat Ballet

Sa, 8.5., 7 p.m.: Port Anniversary Live Show #1 with moderation by Anke Harnack

Sa, 8.5., ca. 10:30 p.m.: Firewords

So, 9.5., 5:30 p.m.: Great Departure Parade

So, 9.5., 7 p.m.: Port Anniversary Live Show #2 with moderation by Alina Wegner

All of these events were be available to stream live on hamburg.de as well as the Hamburg – meine Stadt Facebook page. Additionally, many of the highlights remain available to stream so you can relive the excitement over and over again!

Live Shows

The ships may be the stars of this show, but there were be plenty of flesh and blood celebrities as well, namely at the two live shows, which were central to the Port Anniversary vibe. What better way to familiarize yourself with some of Hamburg's best known personalities?

Plenty of German musical guests took the stage, including Hamburg favourites Guacayo, Joseh, Bernd Begemann and the Liberation, Albers Ahoi, and Tom Klose.

Additionally, local Hamburg cabaret star Lutz von Rosenberg-Lipinsky hosted harbour-themed interviews and beloved Reeperbahn drag queen Olivia Jones learned to operate a harbour crane (virtually) at Discovery Dock.


Harbour enthusiasts from around the globe tuned in at hamburg.de as well as the Hamburg – meine Stadt Facebook page.

Upcoming Dates

16–18 September, 2022
5-7 May 2023
9-12 May 2024