Port Anniversary

Port Anniversary Kids

Everyone can be a sailor for a day at the Port Anniversary. An event for the whole family — explore ships, tie knots or go on a treasure hunt. 

Port Anniversary Hamburg

Port Anniversary - Kids

With hundreds of fairground booths, activities, events and Hamburg-bound ships, the Port Anniversary offers endless fun for the entire family. 

What could be better than watching from the piers of Landungsbrücken or the Fish Market as a huge parade of tall ships and other vessels comes to port? Exploring the docks and hulls of those same ships during open ship events! The Port Anniversary is a great chance to see nautical living quarters and machine rooms up close — a fascinating opportunity for kids and adults alike. 

The Hafengeburtstag (lit. 'harbour birthday') is also a time when children can pick up some useful nautical skills. On board the Can San Diego, for example, they can try out Morse code, while at Überseebrücke, they can learn how to tie sailing knots. What’s more, kids can even become little sailors themselves. In HafenCity district, they will be able to test the waters aboard small sailing boats.

The Secret of Atlantis

In the Michelwiese park below St. Michael's church, young adventurers can explore the mystery of the sunken city of Atlantis. A special highlight of the children's and family programme, this active and exciting journey is a great lot of fun while also dealing with the current problems of the oceans of the world.

Onshore activities 

For little ones who don’t want to get their feet wet, there’s plenty to do and see on land as well. Around St. Michael’s Church, a maritime children’s festival boasts the Hafenpiraten (lit. 'harbour pirates') area, where kids can dress up like pirates, join a 'tattoo competition', and climb masts and rigging like Blackbeard himself. And if that doesn’t deplete their energy, the bungee trampoline, underwater world and climbing wall will.  

And there are plenty more kid-friendly activities along the Elbe river and around the Fish Market too. At the REWE Kinderland area, children can challenge their parents to a game of soccer. In Speicherstadt district, a treasure hunt will keep young adventurers busy before exploring the plentiful special exhibits and activities put on by the cities museums during the world’s greatest port festival.

Child Finder service

Recently, the Port Anniversary has employed the help of a new free-of-charge 'Child Finder' service, which provides children with special bracelets on which parents can write the name of their child and a telephone number. This simple initiative made it easier for parents and children to be reunited in case they became separated in the crowd.


Port Anniversary