Port Anniversary

Port Anniversary Kids

The 835th PORT ANNIVERSARY will once again feature a varied programme for children and families with lots of great activities for every age group.

Kinder klettern auf einem Klettergerüst, im Hintergrund viele Menschen auf einer Wiese.

Kids&Family - PORT ANNIVERSARY Hamburg

In 2024, Hamburg's PORT ANNIVERSARY will once again offer a varied programme with lots of cool activities for every age group.

This year, the whole family can look forward to an eventful and interactive discovery trip through the four elements on the Michelwiese greens. Everyone will have a lot of fun here. So let's go!

Anyone who wants to get a taste of holiday should definitely visit the AIDA Urlaubswelt. At Platz der Deutschen Einheit square, you can get advice from on-site holiday experts and plan ahead for your next trip. And if you just want to take a look and collect memories: take a souvenir photo at the AIDA kissing point for the perfect backdrop.

The Bunte Hafenmeile also invites visitors to stroll, have a snack and enjoy the views from Thursday to Sunday. Between the Baumwall and Landungsbrücken stops, there will a diverse programme of events. A colourful stage programme for young and old will guarantee a very special weekend.

Of course, the PORT ANNIVERSARY is all about the waterfront events: the water police will offer exciting insights, the Peking—a four-masted sailing ship from Hamburg—tells her story, and the arrival and departure parades will provide a spectacular programme on the water.

No Kid Left Behind

KinderFinder Plakat
Dear parents! We know that with so many things to marval at, it's hard always to keep a close eye on your kids. With the KinderFinder service, you can pick up free wristbands at various stands, so you can be contacted in the case of an emergency. Just fill in your child's name and an emergency phone number and our staff will get in touch quickly. Keep an eye out for these KinderFinder posters to get the free wristbands.

Timetable Activities for Kids

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