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Theatre pieces, poetry, tours and more: Hamburg’s renowned Thalia Theater wants to make sure no one lacks for culture while staying home.

Thalia Theater

Thalia Theater at Home

Hamburg’s Thalia Theater is known for making its work accessible to international audiences. Their normal programmes contain both new and classic German pieces (with surtitles in languages like English and Turkish) as well as plenty of work in other (or multiple) languages (with German surtitles). 

They’ve been making an outstanding effort to ensure that their online programme is as linguistically accessible as their usual live performances. Thalia’s digital presence is a carefully curated selection of performances from around the world, many of which have been created in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

Digital offerings include poetry readings, collaborative audiobook recordings and, of course, streams of plays from Thalia’s own archives. Their calendar of streaming Thalia performances is updated regularly, with a rotating selection of plays streaming every few evenings, so check in frequently to see what’s coming up. 

More information about Thalia Theater’s digital programme can be found on their website.

Thalia at Home