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Thalia Theater offers a wide variety of options to make their programme enjoyable for non-German speakers.

Mother Courage and her Children at Thalia Theater Hamburg

Thalia Theater

Love going to the theatre, but don’t speak German? Hamburg's Thalia Theater has a multitude of options. While their programme includes plays performed in languages other than German (for example English, Arabic, Dutch and French), many German or multilingual productions includes surtitles in other languages. This technology ensures that audiences can follow productions in any language by having the translated text scroll unobtrusively on a screen above the stage. Essentially, surtitles are like subtitles, but above a stage instead of at the bottom of a screen.  

While many Thalia productions are performed in German and include English surtitles, the opposite is also frequently true. Productions with surtitles in Turkish are also common, as are multilingual productions with surtitles in both English and German. The variety has been growing steadily for years! 

So see what options Thalia Theater has coming up for non-German speakers, see the English version of their website