Around the World in One City Hamburg Tourism

Take a trip around the globe without leaving Hamburg! The city’s international flair can make you feel like you’re worlds away. 

Hamburg Yu Garden

Hamburg's International Attractions

It isn’t just the Alster lakes and the Elbe river that make Hamburg beautiful - it’s also the city’s incredibly international feel. In fact, there are spots all across Hamburg that could make you think you’re in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Scandinavia or even Japan. The melding of Hamburg’s Hanseatic way of life with such international flair is unique within Germany, making the city a particularly exciting place to live or visit.

To help Hamburg’s residents and tourists become better acquainted with the city’s international side, Hamburg Tourism has put together a handy guide for visiting some of the most beloved spots for feeling like you’re a world away. Whether you want to get to know Hamburg’s Mediterranean side, discover its English corners or feel some Scandinavian Hygge, Hamburg Tourism can help. More information here

Around the World in One City


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